Big Wave Meets The Thunder From Down Under

Kevin Sutton Show

Our Picture Of The Week this week comes to us from the land of koala bears and vegamite sandwiches. Well, the rider does, anyway.

This photo – actually a screen shot of a video taken back in January of this year – is of Australian big wave surfer Jeff Rowley as he tackles the forces of nature at the home of the world’s biggest waves, the infamous Peahi ‘Jaws’ in Maui, Hawaii.

Rowley caught the monster ride by paddling in at Jaws, which was until recently considered impossible to catch and ride without the use of a jet ski ‘tow-in’ and foot straps.

The mega-ride earned Rowley the title of “Big Wave Surfer 2012 – Finalist” as part of the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards Ride of Year ceremony, considered the “Oscars of surfing.”

The video was captured by Minnie Vuong of Xvolution Media.

“I’m excited to have my achievements in big wave surfing recognized by my peers and the Billabong XXL Awards,” said Rowley. “I’ve had laser beam focus this year to make sure I was at the biggest and best swells at the world’s best big wave locations.”

Rowley’s nominated ride was part of his ‘Charge for Charity’ quest to overcome his fears by paddling in and catching a 50 foot wave to raise $1 mil (AUD) for Breast Cancer Australia.

“Paddling in to massive waves in extreme conditions is the new frontier in big wave surfing and I’m glad to be at the forefront of this movement,” he says. “I’m really excited about the next few years to see where we can take paddle in surfing as we rewrite the history books of what’s possible.”

More photos of Rowley risking life and limb here.

Donate to Rowley’s ‘Charge for Charity’ here.

Rowley on his official website, Facebook and Twitter.

- Marky Mark