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Mile High (Colorado), Wake Up (Israel)

Get ready to get your wake on … it’s time for the Wake Spot of the Week … We have never featured a listing from Colorado, so we will this week. Just a reminder that you’ll find WakeScout listings in 47 of the 50 states, so they can definitely help get everyone on the water […]

Home Away From Home

Chris – the CWB – is still recovering from a bad motorcycle accident, here is an update on his condition from the man himself … After my final surgery, I’m staying with my parents. I’m still not able to walk – although I can hop around some using this walker. I’ve been sent home with […]

Go Fly A Kite

And now for the Picture of the Week … This wicked shot of an unknown kite surfer doing his thing comes courtesy of Steve Gibson, a freelance photographer and web programmer living in the Queensland, Australia. This photo was shot at Airlie Beach, a small town – with a population just under 3,000 – in […]

Check Out This Snow It All

Time for the Picture Of The Week … To get us all in the winter mood, here is a wicked shot of an unknown snowboarder in high-flying action. This way-cool photo comes to us courtesy of Qrodo Photos, who snapped this up on March 13, 2006 using a Canon EOS-1D Mark II. Check out more […]

OCT 24: Chris Kirkpatrick Of ‘N Sync

We are very excited on Wednesday, Oct. 24 to welcome singer and voice actor Chris Kirkpatrick, a founding member of the boy band pop group ‘N Sync in which he sang counter tenor. Kirkpatrick has also provided the voice for many kids shows, including the voice of Chip Skylark on The Fairly OddParents. He also […]

4 Delights Has The Dream Cream

We are very selective about who we endorse or recommend to our listeners. With that in mind, let me turn you on to our latest find: 4 Delights in Orlando. 4 Delights is a beautiful independent mom and pop shop that makes the best ice cream any of us have ever tasted. Each of their […]

Valdosta Wake Compound (GA), IwAke (Taiwan)

And now for Kevin’s Wake Spot Of The Week … With the addition of the Valdosta Wake Compound to WakeScout this week, WakeScout is now able to provide riders and skiers places in over 1,200 cities throughout the world to get on the water. The guys at Valdosta Wake Compound – located in Valdosta, Georgia […]

You Go Girl … To The Hospital

This photo of a  bruised and beaten female fighter comes to us courtesy of to give her credit for not giving up after taking quite a drubbing. The shot is from the first-ever live amateur MMA event at the River Rock Show Theatre which was also the first-ever MMA cage night in Greater Vancouver. […]

This Boot’s Made For Walking

And now, the one, the only … CWB The is your main man Chris “Crazy White Boy “Ables, still recovering from my motorcycle accident. I recently had major surgery where they installed my “Taylor Spacial Frame.” The worst part is that I am shacked up at a so-called skilled nursing facility. This place is amazing.  […]

Where Does The Time Go …

This weekend our very own Faithy Fun Time turned 9 years old. I remember a time when life was about me, myself and I. The latest fashion, music and all those other silly things. I loved going to concerts, spending endless hours at the mall and talking to my BFF’s everyday. Then on Oct. 13, […]