SEPT. 26: Parkour Traceur Andy Taylor

Kevin Sutton Show

Our guest on Wednesday, Sept. 26 is 28-year-old parkour practitioner Andy Taylor. Taylor – who goes by the nickname “Blue” – lives in Orlando and was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida.

“I have been doing parkour and free running for about six years,” says Taylor. “I have been running Zoic Nation for around three [years].”

For those who don’t know, parkour is the physical art of overcoming obstacles in the fastest way possible using running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, leaping and rolling – but no equipment other than your body.

Males that practice parkour are called “traceurs,” females are called “traceuse.” Zoic Nation is Taylor’s parkour training/teaching/gathering group.

The whole parkour/freerunning thing started in France back in the 1990’s. It was made popular in several motion pictures including District B-13 and the 2006 James Bond classic Casino Royale. Parkour is both visually stunning and seemingly impossible.

Traceurs like Taylor practice parkour in urban areas such as gyms, parks, playgrounds, offices, and abandoned structures.

“Orlando was filled with all these buildings and things I hadn’t really gotten to ever experience, and my first inclination was too start finding ways to get on top of them and run around, and jump, from building to building,” says Taylor.

Here’s a video of Taylor discussing parkour:

“Then I was told I was doing something called parkour, upon looking up videos and scanning over various resources it just became what I wanted to do and be a part of all along,” says Blue. “This is how it all started for me.”

Taylor also considers himself a “freerunner,” which is the next evolutionary step of parkour, with a heavier emphasis on individual expression.

“Parkour offers me constant progression, and it’s given me an outlet to be able to help everyone around me in my community and make them better, faster, and stronger. Something I always strive for personally. Not just for me but everyone around me,” he says.

When he’s not jumping around town, Taylor has a day job as an electrician.

We can’t wait to talk to Blue!

– Kevin