Arizona Water Sports, Wake Park (Lithuania)

Kevin Sutton Show

Kevin’s Wake Spot Of The Week is …

The World Wake Surfing Championships will take place on the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona, this weekend. Hosting the event is the Blue Water Resort and Casino. A variety of water sports is offered through Arizona Water Sports at the Blue Water Resort.

Get on the water to ride and ski behind any one of a wide variety of boats offered by Arizona Water Sports. They also have a wide variety of skis, wakeboards and kneeboards available for your use.

Enjoy getting on the incredible cool, fresh water of the Colorado River! After a day on the water, there is still plenty to do at the Blue Water Resort & Casino.

They have a wide array of recreation available for everyone – a casino, golf course, miniature golf, movie theaters, arcades … all set on the shores of Colorado River as it winds through the beautiful Arizona desert.

Kevin Sutton Show

The International Spot Is …

Get on the water in Lithuania! With the addition of Wake Park Druskininkai in Druskininkai, Lithuania, WakeScout can now get you on the water in 81 countries worldwide!!!

Druskininkai is a famous spa resort town in southern Lithuania, surrounded by pine forests and incredible water. Now you can wakeboard, wake skate, water ski and kneeboard at Lithuania’s first cable wake park, Wake Park Druskininkai.

– Kevin

WakeScout - Kevin Sutton Show

One of the great things about being part of WakeScout is learning about new places to get on the water to wakeboard, waterski, wakesurf, wakeskate … whatever your passion.

Whether notified by water sport entities that send in requests to be listed from all over the world, a recommendation from someone in the WakeScout community or simply a place we discover in a magazine or news article, each new listing helps achieve our goal to provide the water sport community with more and more places to get on the water.

We recently reached another milestone – we now have over 1,400 places in 81 countries to get on the water listed onWakeScout.