SEPT. 14: Wakeboarder JD Webb

 Kevin Sutton Show

On Friday, September 14, wakeboarder and high-flying maniac JD Webb will be our guest. Webb is probably most famous for being the guy who successfully jumped the Lake Eola fountain in Orlando on national TV.

The mayor even has that wakeboard in his office (I have plans to steal it, so don’t tell anybody).

In 2008 and 2009 he won Wakeboarding Magazine‘s “Rail Rider of the Year” award. But he’s not on a nostalgia trip – JD’s looking forward, still riding hard and acting as an ambassador of sorts for the sport.

“My first goal is the same as it ever was—to help the progression of wakeboarding, whether it’s inventing new tricks, getting new people into the sport, or taking down the Pro Tour title, and to just really ride my best all year,” says JD on his website bio.

According to the site, JD started competing in wakeboarding at the age of 12. Now he’s got everyone’s attention – including ours – and the key to the City of Orlando.

“I’ve been very fortunate to get to ride and make friends with a lot of the top guys in wakeboarding. I’d say I’ve probably learned something from everybody I’ve ever ridden with,” he says.

“So it’s become really important to me to give back in that same way to the people I meet.”

Photo credit: Gian.

– Kevin