Pickos (Florida), Foxlake (Scotland)

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And now, here’s Kevin’s Wake Spot of the Week …

Pickos Ski & Wakeboard School in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, is the site of this week’s Pan Am Water Ski Championships (Wednesday-Saturday).

Cory Pickos is a legend in the water ski world, having won the Masters and the U.S. Open 10 times each, along with numerous tournaments around the world.

Pickos Ski & Wakeboard School welcomes skiers and riders of all levels and abilities. Students are welcome to stay a day, a week or even stay for an extended summer camp.

“The Pickos Ski and Wakeboard school and Camp has one of the finest and most complete ski facilities anywhere in the world,” claims their website. “Privately owned by the Pickos family, the ski lakes were designed specifically for water-skiing and wakeboarding.”

“The lakes were built long and narrow to protect against adverse wind conditions. The banks of the lakes are specifically designed as to not create backwash, similar to a wave less pool,” they continue.

“The bottom and shorelines of these lakes are white sand, which continually cleans itself and purifies the water so theres always pristine crystal clear water,” so says Pickos.

“The camp house is located directly on the ski lake, only steps from the shoreline, with a spectacular view down the slalom course,” according to the site. “It has a beautiful kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, laundry and a large deck for BBQs and relaxing after a great lesson.”

Oh, and they rock Mastercrafts.

 Kevin Sutton Show

And now for the International Wake Spot of the Week …

Cable wakeboarding expands into Scotland! One of WakeScout’s newest listings, Foxlake Adventures located in Dunbar, Scotland, is the country’s first and only cable park.

Foxlake is set on a pristine Scottish lake with a System 2 with a 180-meter long cable, complete with 4 varied obstacles, changing rooms, refreshments, and a qualified staff on hand to teach at all times.

And they won’t stop you if you wear a kilt while riding!

– Kevin

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