My First Soccer Game …

Kevin Sutton Show

So I finally went to my first professional soccer game at the Florida Citrus Bowl and I gotta tell ya … I didn’t hate it. In fact, I had a great time.

I will be the first to admit that it seems kinda boring to watch, but when you’re sitting in the bleachers surrounded by die-hard fans, you can’t help but catch the enthusiasm.

The players have a lot of energy to keep running back and forth on the huge field, but when they are kicking the ball, combined with speed and heading towards the goal, it is pretty amazing. Oh by the way, the guys are easy on the eyes.

Of course they miss the goal a lot, but when they finally make it in, it’s like … GGGGGGOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL.

I’m only mad that I waited till the last game of the season to attend. Lucky for me, the Orlando City Lions made it into the finals and I’ll get a few more chances to get in on the action. Go Lions!!!

Trust me, if you don’t think you like watching soccer, go to a game and support our local home team.

– Mayra