TexasRideTime, Malibu Wake Club (Russia)

Kevin Sutton Show

And now for Kevin’s Wake Spot of the Week …

TexasRideTime in Seguin, Texas, was the 1,400th listing on WakeScout! With each new listing, WakeScout is able to help riders and skiers throughout the world get on the water in more and more places.

Now back to Texas.

TexasRideTime is located on the beautiful Guadalupe River just outside of San Antonio in Seguin. They offer riders a chance to wakeboard, wakeskate and wake surf behind one of two Malibu Wakesetters 7 days a week.

They are happy to just give you a pull or offer you instruction to improve your riding.

Kevin Sutton Show

Here’s the International spot of the week …

This is the first time we’ve featured a listing from Russia! It is about time, right comrade?

Hey, anybody remember that awesome Clint Eastwood movie Firefox? You know, the one where he steals a super secret plane from a military base in the Soviet Union (that’s what they used to call Russia back when it was full of evil villains)?

One of nine WakeScout listings in Russia, Malibu Wake Club in Moscow has a great selection of boats available for you to waterski, wakeboard, wake surf or wake skate, plus all the equipment you’ll need for a great day on the water.

Get behind their MasterCraft X-2, Tige, Malibu VLX, Supra or Nautique 230 and shred the Moscow River. (That would be amazing, BTW.)

– Kevin

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One of the great things about being part of WakeScout is learning about new places to get on the water to wakeboard, waterski, wakesurf, wakeskate … whatever your passion.

Whether notified by water sport entities that send in requests to be listed from all over the world, a recommendation from someone in the WakeScout community or simply a place we discover in a magazine or news article, each new listing helps achieve our goal to provide the water sport community with more and more places to get on the water.

We recently reached another milestone – we now have over 1,400 places to get on the water listed on WakeScout.