The Public Library … Not Always Free

Kevin Sutton Show

So I’ve recently become an active visitor to the Orange County Public Library and I have to say, I have mixed feelings.

I used to be one of those persons that always bought my books and now I have a bunch of expensive books. Once you read a book, you’re very unlikely to read it again, so you either let it collect dust or you donate them. I try to do the right thing, so I donated them to groups in need.

The public library is a great place to check out books and the librarians are AWESOME. I remember when I was a kid, I loved the library, but as I’ve gotten older, I started the horrible ‘book store’ trend. But of course with the economy being as tough as it is, I have trouble spending $30 on a book.

And then there’s Faithy Fun Time – she goes through books like water and once she’s done reading it, she doesn’t want to read it again.

My only problem with the public library is that you don’t get enough time to keep the books and before you know it, you have an overdue book and … OUCH … the next thing you’re reading is an expensive bill.

I kept my books three days and I paid $4.50. I remember recently Kevin owed $35.00 in fees. For that much, we could have bought the book.

I think the system could be more reader- friendly they could simply give a little more time before fees kick in. And if we’re late, try not to bankrupt us with ridiculously high fees.

It is almost as if they DON’T want you to read. Almost.

Anyway, keep reading …

– Mayra