Wakeopolis (Ohio), WWSC Asten Ausee (Austria)

Kevin Sutton Show

And now for Kevin’s Wake Spot Of The Week …

The WWA Wakeboard Nationals are going on at Voice of America Park in West Chester, Ohio. Anyone going to check out the event can get on the water at one of the newest WakeScout listings, Wakeopolis, located in Marysville, Ohio.

This cable park offers both private sessions and open sessions. The open sessions are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Members can also reserve the entire cable park for themselves and up to 20 of their closest friends.

Wakeopolis has plenty of ramps, kickers and sliders for riders of all levels and also features a floating dock, lawn, BBQ area and an awesome Polk Audio outdoor audio system so you can ride to your favorite tunes.

Kevin Sutton Show

And here’s the international Wake Spot Of The Week …

The IWWF Cable WaterSki World Championships are also going on this weekend in Asten Ausee, Austria. This is a pretty unique event, as the concept of waterskiing on a cable is pretty foreign to those in the United States.

This event is like any other waterskiing competition, featuring slalom, tricks and jump competitions – all taking place on a cable instead of behind a boat. The competition is being held at WWSC Asten Ausee.

WWSC features a cable capable of pulling every type of water sport discipline – waterskiing, wakeboarding, trick skiing, jump, wake skate, kneeboard, etc.

Anyone traveling to Austria with a passion for getting on the water should definitely check out WWSC Asten Ausee. You’ll find jump ramps, a slalom course and all the equipment you’ll need … all in a beautiful setting in Austria.

– Kevin

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