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Of Galaxies & Androids

It’s your boy, Chris – a/k/a “CWB,” or the “Crazy White Boy” – here again. And this week, I’m seriously thinking about giving up on the iPhone. As many of you know, I’ve been iPhoning now for about 6 years or so. Lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about making the Android switch. I’ve […]

Sonoma Valley Shredder

This week, we have an awesome action shot of a valley rider catching some nice air, coming straight out of Lake Sonoma, California. The photo is credited to tech junkie Mike Vondran, a veteran of Silicon Valley who also happens to be an amateur wakeboarder, musician, adrenaline freak, and all-around world traveler extraordinaire. But he’s also the […]

AUG 22: Wakeskate Champ Andrew Fortenberry

Andrew Fortenberry is a 21-year old wakeskater from Anna Maria Island, Florida. He currently lives in Orlando. “I am the current Toe Jam Cable Champion. This year is the first year of The Wakeskate Tour, a 5-stop series of events. I am currently tied for 13th in the tour,” says Andrew. “This year I got […]

My First Soccer Game …

So I finally went to my first professional soccer game at the Florida Citrus Bowl and I gotta tell ya … I didn’t hate it. In fact, I had a great time. I will be the first to admit that it seems kinda boring to watch, but when you’re sitting in the bleachers surrounded by […]

Ski Sunset (CA), Down Under (Netherlands)

And the American Wake Spot Of The Week is … This week, we talk about Disabled Nationals. These athletes are incredible. Their passion for the sport really comes through as they compete. There is no thought of having any kind of disability prevent them from getting on the water. Really amazing to watch and be […]

Oh! Que Bueno: South American Pride

The Restaurant of the Week is … Oh! Que Bueno, our friends from waaaaay south of the border – like, South America south of the border! These fine ladies and gentlemen do authentic Colombian and other foods native to their continent right. And by right, I mean huge helpings of tasty beef and chicken, spiced, […]

Too Many (Stupid) Cooks In The Kitchen

One thing that always seems to set me off in a tailspin, is how overly ignorant so many who work in kitchens can be. Seriously, the few people who work in kitchens who have ambition and intelligence either don’t do it for long, or the move up and on to be chefs. The rest, the […]

West Cost Championship Brawl

This week we have an awesome picture from Seattle, Washington. A nice action shot taken at the Washington State Cage Fighting Championship. This killer punch was captured on a Canon EOS 40D. The photographer – Kelly Bailey, a former Marine (always a Marine) – is an IT guy and photographer, who enjoys MMA fighting. To […]

TexasRideTime, Malibu Wake Club (Russia)

And now for Kevin’s Wake Spot of the Week … TexasRideTime in Seguin, Texas, was the 1,400th listing on WakeScout! With each new listing, WakeScout is able to help riders and skiers throughout the world get on the water in more and more places. Now back to Texas. TexasRideTime is located on the beautiful Guadalupe […]

Snowy Twist In Florida

And now for the Kevin Sutton Show Picture Of The Week … In this very interesting pic of the week, we have an unknown rider performing a McTwist during a snowboarding demo in sunny Florida on Super Bowl Sunday 2005. The McTwist is a backside 540 spin popularized by professional skateboarder Mike McGill who first […]