AUG 1: Wakeboarder Kaesen Suyderhoud

Kevin Sutton Show

Our guest on Wednesday, Aug. 1, will be 24-year-old wakeboarder Kaesen Suyderhoud. Suyderhoud is from Redding, California, and is sponsored by CWB Wakeboards, Electric Visual and UNIT Parktech Pulldozer Winches.

His fave trick is the “Back 5.” His fave place to ride is Shasta Lake in Cali.

When he’s not pulling off a Back 5 he’s skating, taking photos, having fun and/or listening to “good” music. His TV show of choice is South Park. He also likes to eat at “random” hole-in-the-wall joints.

Follow Suyderhoud on Twitter and iWake.

We can’t wait to talk with Kaesen!

– Marky Mark



  1. Excellent Show! Love the balance of sports entertainment, information and humor! Great work!
    ~Keep Having FUN!