JULY 25: Motocross Prodigy Jazz Canfield

NOTE: This guest will be re-scheduled as Clear Channel has pre-empted the show.

Our guest in Wednesday, July 25, is motocross wunderkind Jazzmyn Canfield. Jazzmyn – or “Jazz” – started riding at the age 5 and racing maybe a year later.

She got into riding because of her dad!

Before Jazz was born, the family had street bikes that her dad, uncle and several friends used to stunt. Then as Jazz got a little older, she went everywhere with her dad, she never wanted to leave his side. She always want to sit on his street bike and he would ride her around the cul-du-sac

Her dad had a CRF 50 with street tires that he would warm up on before stunting his street bike. Jazz of course would do stunts on that with him, then when she was 4 (about to be 5) she asked her dad if she could ride it by herself.

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And of course he said yes. She hopped right on and never turned back. She has been riding ever since.

“Not coming from a motocross background, we just kinda went with the flow of things and let her do some pit bike racing and as the years have passed we have just gone with the flow,” says mom Amanda.

“She loves to race boys and girls,” says mom.

Some of Jazz’s career highlights:

  • 1st girl to win the overall in the Florida Winter Am’s in the 9-11age bracket
  • Daytona Amateur Supercross Event
  • Millcreek Spring Championship
  • Going to Loretta Lynn’s in 2011, winning the girls 9-11 class

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Jazz doesn’t only like to ride her dirt bike, she has many other talents like writing music, singing, modeling and dance.

“If she had the time and we had the money she would do it all. … But, unfortunately, motocross takes up a lot of our time,” adds mom.

No kidding – Jazz works out with a trainer twice a week and rides everyday.

We have plenty to ask her about on Wednesday’s show!

– Marky Mark