Time Flies When You’re Living Life To The Fullest

Kevin Sutton Show

I can’t believe another school year has passed, that another year on radio has gone by and that I’m another year older.

Where has the time gone?

One thing I do know is, I love my life and the people in it, especially Kevin and Faith.

As the ladies point of view on the Kevin Sutton Show, I comment a lot and I expect a lot out of people. You must live life to the fullest and you have to appreciate what you have.

These crazy athletes, singers, actors, etc., seem to forget where they came from and what they have. Stop making idiot decisions, and, if being famous is too hard, let it go.

And, I have to say, be smart with your money … it does eventually run out. Even Oprah lost a lot of money.

Faith finished singing her last choir performance until September and she’s become quite the singer. This is a picture of us – Kevin and I – with her music teacher.  I try to encourage Faith to try things and live life to the fullest, because tomorrow is not promised.

I’ll keep talking, but most importantly, I’ll keep living.

– Mayra