Not The Authority On Sports

Kevin Sutton Show

Normally, I don’t complain about bad service. Even when a waitress brings out cold food ’cause she was chatting it up with the table behind you and the whole order might as well have been on ice … as well as wrong.

But this time, not only did I complain to the employees in the store, I told them that I would get in contact with the folks at corporate. I was upset to the fullest! Let me tell you why …

So, you all know by now that I’m head over heels for golf. I now watch it on TV, play it on my Xbox 360 and I even read a couple of books. Yeah, books. So I was so excited to move up to the next level and not only buy my own set of clubs, but get a set for the whole family.

I figured I didn’t want to break the bank, so I would go to a nice medium price – not too high and not too low, right in between – sporting goods outlet like Sports Authority. It was the biggest mistake I made all week.

We walk into a store full of teens. They weren’t buying stuff – they actually worked there. Or so I thought, because they had more on their mind than helping customers. They were talking about prom and what girl they liked.

It took over 10 minutes to get a “sir, can I help you.” I think I could of helped them more than they helped me.

So I told the kid that I would like to have my family fitted for golf clubs and, out his mouth, comes this gem: “the sizes are on the bag.” WTF? Buddy, if I knew what sizes we needed, I wouldn’t need you.

Kevin Sutton Show

Then he said, “well, the one in your hand looks good to me, sir.”

For $600 dollars, son, ‘looks about right’ ain’t going to cut it. OMG … I JUST CALLED THIS KID SON. Oh no – loving golf and calling kids son … I’m turning into a old man. LOL. But back to my bad day in dumb dumb land …

So this kid tells me to wait until he can find the other guy that knows a little bit about the clubs. I’m hoping that the next sports authoritarian knows more than just the price. Then he asked another kid on the next section, “do you know anything about golf?”

That guy said, “no, ask Tom” (or some name with a T). That is when this young girl walking by (an employee) says, “Tom went home.” So I just said “F it, I’m done I don’t need no damn clubs ’cause I might hit somebody in here with a Tiger Woods limited edition 8 iron.

Please tell me how can you call your self the authority on sports and not have one person in your 10,000 square foot store – located in the Sunshine State, the mother land of golf – that knows anything about golf.

That’s like trying to sell cars and the only information you have about the car is it that it has four wheels and a steering wheel. So here I am, Sunday night, no golf clubs and still searching for a spot to buy happiness. EDWIN WATTS HERE I COME!!

– Kevin