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Seattle Water Sports, Twin Italian Spots

Kevin’s Wake Spot Of The Week, stateside edition … With the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour heading to the Seattle area this weekend, Seattle Water Sports is on everybody’s radar. And if it isn’t, it should be. Get more info on the tour here. Seattle Water Sports operate out of Kenmore and Kirkland in Washington. Wakeboard, […]

Ladies, It’s Time To Be Brave

So we took Faith to see the long-awaited movie Brave. Everyone knows I’m a strong supporter of Girl Power, and this movie solidified the world seeing Girl Power in a positive light. This movie was not about falling in love with the Prince or being such a lady that you never get to see the […]

The Dynamic Duo Rides Once More

Well this week was a bust early on, but excitement built quickly as time passed in anticipation of the arrival of my son for his summer here in Florida on vacay from Maryland. Thursday afternoon I got a call from the airline alerting me that his flight was going to be early, so now I […]

French Connection: Demeur Du Chaos

And now for the Picture Of The Week … In this way cool shot provided by Abode of Chaos, French trials rider Julien Dupont is doing a rear wheel stall on one of 99 sculptures created by Thierry Ehrmann at the Abode of Chaos, located in St. Romain, Rhone-Alpes, France. This personal museum was nearly […]

Oh! Que Bueno – Colombia By Way Of Semoran

Oh! Que Bueno Restaurant & Sports Bar is the place the Kevin Sutton Show crew heads to when we want to dig into amazing dishes from South America. We call it our “Colombian Connection.” The beef is expertly prepared and is available in so so many ways. It is pretty hard to decide sometimes. Trying […]

JUNE 27: Skateboard Legend Chuck Dinkins

We’ve got a real treat in store for you on our Wednesday, June 27, edition of the Kevin Sutton Show. Joining us in the studio will be a true legend of skateboarding: Chuck Dinkins. But many Orlando scenesters know Chuck as a mover and a shaker on the arts scene. But more on that later. […]

JUNE 15: Photographer Chris McEniry

On Friday, June 15, or guest in the studio will be photographer and director Chris McEniry. Chris is the one on left in the picture above. Yes, that is Dwight Howard on the right. Chris is an old friend and I have had the pleasure and honor of working with him on a variety of […]

Jason’s Deli SODO: Grandma’s Feast … To Go

And now for a very special edition of Restaurant Of The Week … My 92-year-old grandmother doesn’t get out of the retirement home very much. When she does visit, we like to do it up right and get her favorite things to enjoy while she’s out and about. This past Sunday, we planned a visit […]

Webb Knievel

And now for the Picture Of The Week … This pic was taken by Martin Terber, a web designer from Cologne, Germany. It was taken at the BMX Worlds 2009 Miniramp Pro Finals which also took place in Cologne. This photo was taken on July 11, 2009 using a Canon EOS 1000D. Catch the original […]

Road Trippin’: I’ll Have The Old Clothes, Please

This week in the life of the Crazy White Boy … So, this week in some ways was like many more of them lately, but as the weather would have it, my garage sale had to be postponed to a later date. Then, of course, I defaulted to the “Fa Jankey.” Anyway, it was time […]