Allatoona Adventures (Georgia), Liquid Leisure (UK)

Kevin Sutton Show

Here’s Kevin’s Wake Spot of the Week, stateside edition …

One of the largest water sports tournaments in the world is taking place this weekend at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. It is the 53rd Masters Tournament, featuring world-class competition in waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakeskate, jump, and trick ski.

Anyone heading to the Atlanta area to witness this tournament may be interested in dropping by one of WakeScout’s newest listings, Allatoona Adventures in Canton, Georgia (just outside of Atlanta).

Allatoona Adventures provides beginner to advanced wakesurfing and wakeboarding lessons. Their specialty is wakesurfing, definitely one of the fastest growing water sports.

The ability to get on a wave just a few feet behind the boat and catch an “endless” wave is just another great way to experience life on the water. It all takes place on beautiful Lake Allatoona.

Photo (“April & Heather 2011”) courtesy of Allatoona Adventures.

Kevin Sutton Show

And now for the International Wake Spot of the Week …

Here’s another listing in the UK for anyone wanting to get on the water in-between checking out the Olympics or just visiting London this summer.

Liquid Leisure Boat & Cable Park in Datchet – just a few minutes from Heathrow and downtown London – has everything you need for an awesome day on the water.

Boat lakes for waterskiing, wakeboarding and wakeskating, including a slalom course and jump ramp – all behind Nautique ski and wakeboard boats. There is also a cable lake with a full-system 5-tower Rixen cable complete with a wide array of obstacles.

Photo courtesy of Liquid Leisure Boat & Cable Park.

– Kevin

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