MAY 16: Tony Horton The P90X Guy

Kevin Sutton Show

On Wednesday, May 16 we’ll welcome fitness guru Tony Horton to the Kevin Sutton Show. Horton is the man behind the P90X Extreme Home Fitness “Beach Body” program that is the best selling fitness program in America.

Known as the “Master of Motivation,” he’s spent the past 25 years working with celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday people, getting them into incredible shape.

With a blend of encouragement, discipline, and humor, his dynamic instruction will keep you working out at the very top of your abilities and coming back for more.

Tony changes lives with the perfect mix of physical fitness routines, encouragement, humor, discipline and fun. Using his personally developed Muscle Confusion technique, his methodology allows individuals to reach their fitness goals, prevents plateaus and, most importantly, staves off boredom, from the same old workouts.

Tony released his highly acclaimed book, “Bring It,” this year with Rodale Books. Tony has also been featured in numerous national publications and on national television.

His training techniques have produced amazing results for countless TV Celebrities, Music Legends and famous professional athletes.  Many have credited Tony with improved stamina, strength and the   ability to perform at a higher level.

Kevin Sutton Show

Tony has also worked pro bono with the Pentagon and Armed Forces Entertainment on two “Ripped and Ready” tours in Italy, Japan, Bosnia, Kosovo and Germany. All four branches of the military are using P90X.

With stronger, healthier troops, Tony has gained the support of some of the highest ranked military officials, who swear by the results.  He also regularly travels to Capitol Hill to train members of Congress. Aaron Schock (cover of Men’s Health), Paul Ryan, Heath Shuler and Kevin McCarthy are just a few Congressmen who follow Tony’s program.

Tony has changed many lives through his example of better health and fitness.  Unfortunately, his efforts have only touched a small portion of the millions of Americans that need help.

Today, one third of the American population is considered obese. Type 2 diabetes is the highest in US history and growing. It is a huge burden on our healthcare system, costing $350 billion per year.

“We need to educate, motivate and take some real steps towards solving this crisis in America,” says Tony. “Health and fitness is crucial for the well being of this country. It’s time to stop talking about it. Let’s get people off the couch and focused on improving their lives.”

Tony is passionate about his cause.  His energy is infectious and motivating and he gets his audience thinking about how they can improve their life and the lives of others.

We are happy to have him on the show! Photos by Mason Bendewald, courtesy of Tony Horton.

– Kevin