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JUNE 1: Skate Sensation Landon Swan

  Our guest on June 1st will be “The Skateboard Kid” Landon Swan. He’s not really called that, but we are trying to start something, you know? He’s what you call a “sensation” – he’s only 12 years old (in the 6th grade) yet he’s already lighting up the leader boards. Born and raised in […]

Hurricane Grill & Wings (Longwood): Burgers

When the gang wants to unwind with a few hand-crafted beers, watch some sports on TV and chow down on some of the best wings this side of the Mississippi, we make tracks to Hurricane Grill & Wings in Longwood. Chris dreams of that big plate of steaming wings soaked in the sauce du jour. […]

Wake Zone (OKC), Monaco Wake & Ski (France)

Let’s take a look at Kevin’s Wake Spot Of the Week … Wake Zone Cable Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a just-built, full-system 100-acre cable park with a huge assortment of obstacles. Sound awesome? You are not the only one. Wake Zone will be hosting the USA Wakeboard Cable Wakeboard National Championships on Sunday, […]

Queasy Rider: Near-Death Experience On Oak Ridge

I’ve been working a lot as of late and dealing with a bunch of personal things that I don’t wish to discuss online. So this week I’m going to blog  my near death experience on Oak Ridge Road on Friday afternoon. I was on my motorcycle, heading home from racking up some Universal Studios overtime […]

Down Hill Thunder

  The Picture Of The Week … This way cool photo is of a member of the Spring Rolling Michigan Down Hill Longboarding Group, taken during a freestyle session. The rider is unknown. The photographer is PK Thunder of Fluff Studios, who has all kinds of amazing shots of fun on wheels here. PK Thunder […]

MAY 30: Uncontrollables (Band)

Our guest on May 30 will be a three-piece bucket of surf rock out of Orlando that call themselves the Uncontrollables. Kyle on drums, Ryan on bass and Jake on guitar (they all sing).  They will be talking and performing a few songs acoustically live in the studio. The band is primarily a live act, […]

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

And now for the Picture Of The Week … This intense sport is known as rock crawling. Using heavily modified trucks to climb nearly impossible inclines and traverse tight canyons and river beds, these guys (and girls) push the limits of man and machine. It’s really an amazing shot. It was taken by retired amateur […]

Allatoona Adventures (Georgia), Liquid Leisure (UK)

Here’s Kevin’s Wake Spot of the Week, stateside edition … One of the largest water sports tournaments in the world is taking place this weekend at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. It is the 53rd Masters Tournament, featuring world-class competition in waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakeskate, jump, and trick ski. Anyone heading to the Atlanta area […]

Terrorists & Tea Parties

This week was an unusually boring week in the life of this crazy white boy, so this blog will be short and sweet … I watched a movie this week on Netflix streaming, a Kevin Smith film called Red State. It features John Goodman and a few other known actors. The movie was inspired by […]

Jason’s Deli SODO – Garden Fresh Salad Bar

Last time I talked about Jason’s Deli, I was hyping on those amazing sandwiches. But now let’s turn our attention toward that island of fresh veggies, hummus, pudding and, like, a zillion types of crackers – you know, the Garden Fresh Salad Bar. Sure, other places have great salad bars, but Jason’s Deli kicks it […]