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Fashionably Lame … What Would Jesus Do?

Backless dresses. Skirts 2 inches below the booty. Is this appropriate dress for church? I am completely offended with the way people disrespect the church by wearing provocative outfits. You don’t have to be a very religious person to know that club attire does not belong in a church. I really don’t want to see […]

Saying Goodbye To A Man Called Yebo

Here’s what went on during this week’s episode of “It’s C-Dubb’s Life” … The beginning of the week went well following the crazy Trial By Trick weekend (see last week’s blog for the dirty details). Then things turn a horrible turn on Friday as a man I consider to be a grandfather to me passed […]

Walking High On The Wings Of Life

Back again with another installment of the Picture Of The Week … This is the the Aerosuperbatics team wing-walking high in the sky!! Well on their way to success, I think. This is one crazy, over-the-top sport for sure! You literally have to be high in the sky to do well. The picture comes to […]

Texas Ski Ranch, PDT Extreme In Rome

And here’s Kevin’s Wake Spot of the Week … Texas Ski Ranch (TSR) in New Braunfels, Texas, is located halfway between Austin and San Antonio. They have two private cable lakes (full size 5 tower and a 2 tower) and a private boat lake. Wakeboard, wakeskate, wakesurf or water ski on a cable, behind a […]

APRIL 25: Surfing Sensation Corey Howell

Sixteen-year-old surfing wunderkind Corey Howell is stopping by the studio to talk about his winning ways. The Central Floridian has surfing in his blood, prompting the family to move closer to the beach so the boy-fish could be closer to the water. His sponsors include: Rusty and Rusty Surfboards, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Smith Optics, […]

Get Off The Sidelines, Do Something Already

People do care … and this makes me very happy. I am always pleasantly surprised when people get out of their ‘comfort zone’ boxed life and try to make a change in the world. People may know me as the sign waving, neighborhood clean-up, Girl Scout cookie selling ultimate community activist, but I have to […]

Not Exactly Home Alone: Trial By Trick

This week in the marvelous life of the man they call C-Dubb … Well this week was relatively uneventful, aside from some personal issues I won’t disclose here. Oh, there was that last minute change the the Trial By Trick wake event which relocated to my back yard! The view I had from my lavish […]

Where The Wild Things Are

Check out the Picture of the Week … Shot on a Canon 5D Mark II in Shelburne, Vermont, in 2009, “Wild Ride” comes courtesy of photographer Patrick Breen via his pdbreen Flickr Photostream. This is a one-handed seat grab, kids. Live it, learn it. And by the look of the rest of the shots, he […]

Utah’s Jordanelle Marina, France’s EXO Cable Parks

Hey ya’ll, it’s Kevin’s Wake Spot of the Week … One thing we really haven’t talked about is the marina listings on WakeScout. They list marinas that offer ski and wakeboard boats for rent, as well as skis, wakeboards, ropes and handles … everything you need to get on the water. So if you’re traveling […]

APRIL 18: Kitesurfer Oli Berlic

Sorry folks, our guest has changed at the last minute … Oliver (Oli) Berlic has been in the kite industry since he first picked up a kite back in 2005 in St. Petersburg, Florida, while attending Eckerd College. Along with a small group of adventure seekers, they took the initiative to pursue kitesurfing and spread […]