LTS In Pompano Beach & Waterski Costa Rica

Kevin Sutton Show

Photo: LTS Wakeboard and Waterski School

Hey gang! This week’s Wake Spot of the Week is …

LTS Wakeboard and Waterski School in Pompano Beach, FL. Dean Lavelle, 5-time wakeboard world champion runs this school. They have 4 Nautiques (Super Air and Ski) on 2 freshwater lakes. They also teach waterskiing, with 2 slalom courses.

The IWWF Pam Am Wakeboard Championships will be taking place in conjunction with Board Up Miami, March 22-24 at Mills Pond Park, next door to Pompano Beach in Fort Lauderdale. Ride and ski at LTS and check out Board Up Miami!

Kevin Sutton Show

Photo: Waterski Costa Rica

And now for the Wake Spot of the Week – International Edition …

That’s right action sports fanatics, we’re international!

Waterski Costa Rica is located in La Fortuna De San Carlos, Costa Rica. Stay in a 9,000 sq. ft. villa and water ski on 2 private fresh water lakes. Ski Nautique with zero off, perfect pass and a slalom course on each lake.

The ski lakes at Waterski Costa Rica are less than 1 mile apart from each other and they are both beautiful man-made FRESHWATER lakes surrounded by parrot filled trees and rolling green fields.

There are large covered decks at each lake where guests can relax in hammocks or lounge chairs between sets. Regardless of which lake we use we typically serve lunch at the wonderful full facility Casa Alfredo at lake 2.

Occasionally they fire up the grills for a gourmet barbecue. The food is always good and the water is always warm and inviting!

– Kevin

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